Friday 8 June is a very important day for St Albans, because it’s when the St Albans Town Hall will open its doors as a world-class gallery and museum for the first time.

The Welwyn Hatfield Times reported on the exhibits that visitors can look forward to following the grand opening, which will combine historic artefacts and cutting-edge art.

Those designing the interior of the building will no doubt have used a variety of different museum display cases to ensure that they can effectively showcase such a wide variety of exhibits.

If you’re in the city in the coming weeks it is definitely worth popping in to see some of the art collections on show. Among them is the installation Masquerade by Susie MacMurray, which is described as an “impactful artwork made with surprising materials that responds to the architecture of the spectacular assembly room”.

Also showcasing their work at the opening is Lyndall Phillips, who took inspiration from a collection of butterflies once housed in the museum.

The University of Hertfordshire (UH) has been working in partnership with the St Albans Museum and Galleries Trust, as well as the city and district council, to replace the old university gallery and city museum.

Annabel Lucas, UH arts head, explained that the artistic exhibits have been very carefully selected.

“We bring 20 years of exhibition curation expertise to create exhibitions that respond to this unique building, collections and audience,” she told the newspaper.

Of course, this isn’t the only museum in St Albans – the Verulamium Museum is another of the city’s attractions. This one is dedicated to everyday life in Roman Britain, showcasing a host of artefacts as well as some spectacular Roman mosaics.