The world’s a competitive place these days and businesses of all kinds are in competition with one another constantly, trying to entice people through their doors and not the competition’s… and, sadly, it seems that museums and art galleries are losing out to other attractions at the moment, with the latest Visit England report showing that they both saw falls in visitors in 2017.

Apparently, museums, art galleries and leisure and theme parks all saw a drop of one per cent over the year, and where the former are concerned this represents the second successive year of admissions decline.

So what can be done to bring people through museum doors? Using all the tools at your disposal would be wise, so don’t neglect your social media channels – you can use these to build online communities for your museum or gallery and help drive people to your business.

Offering the likes of in-person events will also help, as will putting on lectures, holding drinks evenings, showing films… there’s a lot you could do that doesn’t have to involve walking around an exhibition.

And don’t forget the importance of prioritising the local community first. Once you have this bedded down, you can then focus on tourism and making your establishment a top destination – but you can’t ignore the value of having strong local support.

Overall, however, attractions in England saw a two per cent annual increase in total visits last year – so it’s certainly not all doom and gloom indeed, with these levels consistent with those seen in both 2015 and 2016.

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