Museums are always looking for new ways to attract different people in through their doors. In the UK we’re lucky to have an incredible range of exhibitions, and now there are two new ones that could just be in contention for the quirkiest exhibitions out there.

Temporary exhibitions may mean that museums need to arrange display case hire, but at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History they’ve had to go a lot further to set up their new Bacterial World exhibition.

According to the Oxford Mail, it took 12 hours to install a giant inflatable E.coli bacterium, hanging from the vaulted roof of the museum. This particular element of the exhibition is 92-feet long.

The newspaper explained that the purpose of this event, which will run until the end of May next year, is to “rehabilitate” the reputation of bacteria. The specimens being put on show will highlight the remarkable nature of these organisms.

Curators of the exhibition told the news provider that bacteria “sense, communicate and remember”.

But this isn’t the only unusual exhibition getting set up this week. The Bridport News shared details of a smelly trail being set up around the Bridport Museum for this half term holiday.

The aim of this trail is to bring the 19th century version of the town to life, with visitors invited to “sniff” their way around the museum and try to understand what poor condition the town used to be in.

Emily Hicks, museum director, told the newspaper: “It’s hard to believe that Bridport was such a dirty and diseased place, it was described in London newspapers as a ‘National Ulcer’.”