Museum goers who are already considering which exhibitions to visit next year may be interested in heading to London where they will get to see the largest ever manga exhibit to be held outside of Japan.

This type of art, which stemmed from 19th Century Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, has become hugely popular over the last few decades, and Japan sees visitors flock from all over the world to see original comics, games, novels and films in this style.

However, from May 23rd 2019, The British Museum will showcase more than 130 manga-related objects in its display cabinets, so art enthusiasts from Britain will not have so far to travel to see some of the exciting works.

Curator of the exhibition Nicole Rousmaniere was quoted by The Evening Standard as saying: “If you come to this exhibition, you will have learned a skill, because you will be able to read manga and understand it, and understand what you like and don’t like.”

She added that manga is “almost visual story-telling, it’s not just relying on words, it is images”.

As well as being able to see some of the best manga works at the museum, visitors will also be able to dress up as their favourite characters in the “cosplay section”.

What’s more, The British Museum will host a recreation of a traditional manga bookshop, as well as feature a 17-metre long curtain that has been used in traditional Kauki theatres in the past.

The exhibition will run until August 26th and will enable those unfamiliar with this style of art to learn more about its history, stemming from 1200 AD and really taking hold in the 18th Century, by visiting this unique display.