New research carried out by Art Fund has found that many people in the UK visit the country’s galleries and museums as a way of de-stressing.

The charity revealed that 63 per cent of British adults said they had visited an art gallery or museum at some point to help them deal with anxiety or stress. However, those aged under 30 are twice as likely to go to a gallery once a month to de-stress as those in other age groups.

Among those under 30, 13 per cent said that a monthly visit to a museum or gallery was part of their routine to help them deal with stress, compared to just six per cent in other age brackets.

They also revealed that the main reasons they don’t visit galleries and museums are that travel to and from them is too costly and takes too long (32 per cent), and that they don’t have enough time (32 per cent).

Director of Art Fund Stephen Deuchar commented: “There is clearly an appetite by under-30s to visit and engage with UK museums and galleries, which they see has a demonstrable positive impact on their sense of wellbeing.”

Galleries and museums may want to think about how they present their exhibits, knowing that people are coming to their establishments as a form of stress relief. It may be worth considering when choosing museum display cases, for instance.

Anyone living in London is spoilt for choice when it comes to galleries and museums to visit. Earlier this month, Culture Whisper picked out some of the top exhibitions in the capital to put on your list for 2019.

They include the Pierre Bonnard exhibition at the Tate Modern, the Leonardo Da Vinci art exhibition: A Life in Drawing at the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace, and the Tim Walker exhibition at the V&A.