Anish Kapoor, the British-Indian sculptor, will become the second foreign artist to have their works displayed at China’s Forbidden City.

The Ministry of Counterculture reported that his works will be showcased outside the Imperial Ancestral Temple in an exhibition that is being curated by Zhang Zikang. He’ll also have a solo exhibition at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Art Net News explained that the only other foreign artist to have their work displayed in such a prestigious location in Beijing is Markus Lüpertz. The German artist has previously exhibited some of his pieces here.

According to the organisation, the exhibition of Kapoor’s work will “create an unprecedented dialogue with the contemporary art space” of the Central Academy of Fine Arts “as well as the grand historical space of the Imperial Ancestral Temple”.

There have not been any details about which of Kapoor’s works will be on display, but the exhibition is due to open in autumn this year, FAD Magazine reported. The publication also noted that this is Kapoor’s first large-scale solo exhibition in China.

You don’t have to travel to China to see some of Kapoor’s work though. He has just launched a month-long exhibition of his new paintings and sculptures at London’s Lisson Gallery, where you can view his latest pieces until 22 June.

Hosting an exhibition of unusual art, such as the sculptures produced by Kapoor, can be a challenge for museums and galleries. It may be worth investing in art gallery barrier systems if the pieces on show are too large for their own display cases.