It’s always interesting to see what different curios and amazing finds the various museums around the UK and, indeed, the world put on show in their large display cases, whether it’s something incredibly rare and valuable or perhaps something a little more on the unique side.

The stranger objects are always of particular interest and we’ve just come across this story on the ITV news website about an 80-year-old roll of toilet paper that’s thought to be the oldest in the UK – put forward by the Garden City Collection museum as its entry in the Object of the Year Awards.

Apparently, the loo roll was made way back in 1936 by chemist EE Russell and those in charge at the museum are now crossing fingers (and perhaps legs!) that this, their most cherished exhibit, will scoop the top prize in the Hertfordshire Association of Museum Awards 2019.

Sophie Walter, collections officer at Garden City, was quoted by the news source as saying: “We decided to nominate this quirky object as visitors were often amazed it had withstood the test of time, considering the throw-away culture that surrounds us.”

There are more than 30 museums and heritage organisations in Hertfordshire so it will be interesting to see what does come away with the gold. In all, 11 museums are competing for votes, with the entry garnering the most public interest due to be presented with an award later in the year. 

Votes close on October 31st so you’ve plenty of time to pop to Hertfordshire, have a nosey around and decide which object wins your approval.