Currently at the Museum of London until 19 April is a free exhibition of rock band The Clash, to mark the 40th anniversary of their seminal classic album London Calling, that shot the band to stardom. Expect display cases full of rock and roll history.

Esquire magazine lists the exhibition amongst some of the best events and showcases happing in London in 2020, which also include Andy Warhol at Tate Modern, and also the sculpture and photography of film director Steve McQueen, and an interactive exploration of Alice In Wonderland at the V&A.

London Calling draws on the archives of legendary music photographer Mick Rock, and Clash bassist Paul Simonon, as well as the many friends, photographers, musicians, roadies, and designers that surrounded the band during their rise to international fame.

Over 100 pieces of rock music history will be on display, from scribbled lyrics and notebooks, to Simonon’s smashed bass guitar, the exact same one from the iconic album cover art of London Calling. The show examines the music scene of the late 1970s, as well as the social conflict surrounding the era.

To coincide with the exhibition, Sony Music have produced a 120-page book to accompany the album, featuring hand written notes, photographs, and previously unseen material from the period in which London Calling was made.

The free exhibition is a must see for all music fans, to experience music history, and the impact it had on the late 1970s.

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