Art dealer Massimo Minini and contemporary art promotor BelleArti have found ways to sidestep the coronavirus social distancing measures by opening a show comprised of 16 site-specific works in an underground car park in Brescia, northern Italy, to create a drive-through exhibition.

“Everyone is now taking refuge in the web, but I am tired of the internet,” Minini told The Art Newspaper, citing his reasons for devising the ‘antivirus-exhibition’ that won’t require patrons to wear face masks or practice social distancing, despite the works inhabiting a physical, offline space.

The exhibition opened on 21 June, and the car park – owned by insurance company Generali, also the main sponsor of the project – will become the gallery for the exhibition that can only be viewed from within your car.

Minini is the founder of an eponymous gallery in Brescia and is also the president of BelleArti, which exists to promote contemporary art across the region. He invited 16 artists to create the site-specific works for Art Drive-In Generali, including Mimmo Paladino, Stefano Arienti, Giovanni Gastel and Olivo Barbieri.

“The group show doesn’t have an overall theme and the artists have been given total freedom to create whatever they wish,” he explained.

Minini states precedence for his unique project. In 1973, Achille Bonito Oliva curated an exhibition in the car park of Villa Borghese in Rome, an event the is considered to be a noted moment in Italian and international exhibition history.

The exhibition does not currently have a closing date, and Minini has plans to add more works in early 2021.

“This is an exhibition that is not just a temporary show but claims to become a permanent display,” said Minini. “Artists and works are meant to stay there, like frescoes in a church”.

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