Controllux In-Case LED Lighting Systems

Our LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) in-case lighting Controllux, can be used in all display cases. We have a range of units to suit most applications and budgets.

The benefits of LED lighting

  • Energy efficient – Up to 90% more efficient than halogen
  • Cost effective – Low running costs and significantly longer lifespan than other types of lighting
  • Cool running temperatures – Minimum heat gain
  • Conservation – Unlike conventional lighting, LEDs don’t give out any UV
  • A range of colour temperatures available

Our LED lighting systems

  • Controllux ‘Classic’ – Our premium LED light unit
  • Controllux ‘Slim Line’ – End caps allow the user to swivel and position the light unit to maximise light spread
  • Controllux ‘Super Slim’ – A discreet LED light unit
  • Controllux ‘LED Light Panel’ – Perfect for costume applications to gain a strong and bright light spread from the top of the display case
  • 3 Spot Tower LED light
  • Stalk lighting
  • We offer a range of fixings depending on the application
  • Dimming options on all units

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