GIS and High Security Showcases

  • High security display cases
  • Anti-bandit display cases
  • Anti-ballistic display cases
  • 7.5mm, 11.5mm up to 21mm thick anti-bandit laminated glass
  • Low iron and anti-reflective glass options
  • Aluminium and steel powder coated structure
  • Hinged, pull and slide, lift off and actuator lift access
  • Internal dress and infill panels ZF MDF with a Dacrylate seal, painted or conservation grade fabric wrapped
  • Passive and active climate control
  • LED conservation in-case lighting (dimmable options)
  • Shelving options to suit individual requirements
  • Range of integral custom designed display fixtures and fittings available
  • Compatible display drawer systems available
  • Wheeled undercarriage available with some display cabinet designs

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