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Spotlights, Stalks and LED Panels

Spotlights, stalks and LED panel lighting provides optimal illumination for display cases in museums, heritage centres and galleries. Spotlights offer focused, directional lighting, highlighting specific artifacts or exhibits with precision. LED panel lighting offers even and energy-efficient illumination, enhancing the aesthetics and visibility of delicate items while minimising heat and UV damage.

The benefits of LED lighting

  • Energy efficient – more efficient than traditional in-case lighting systems
  • Cost effective – Low running costs and significantly longer lifespan than other types of lighting, reducing maintenance costs
  • Conservation – Unlike conventional lighting, LEDs don’t give out any harmful UV radiation
  • Cool running temperatures – minimum heat gain
  • A range of colour temperatures available
  • Dimmable options
  • In most instances, our units can be easily retrofitted into existing display cases

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