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GIS and High Security Display Cases

High security display cases play a vital role in safeguarding valuable artifacts within the parameters of the UK Government Indemnity Scheme (GIS) guidelines for museums, heritage centres and historical properties. These cases are meticulously designed by About Presentation to provide optimum protection and prevent unauthorised access.

Equipped with advanced security features, such as high security locks and laminated glass, they ensure the utmost security for the priceless items on display. These cases comply with the stringent regulations set by the scheme, guaranteeing the safety of cultural treasures while maintaining their accessibility to the public.

By employing high security display cases, museums and heritage centres can confidently showcase their collections, assuring stakeholders and visitors of their commitment to preservation and security.

  • Anti-bandit and anti-ballistic display cases
  • 7.5mm, 11.5mm up to 21mm thick anti-bandit laminated glass
  • Low iron and anti-reflective glass options
  • Aluminium and steel powder coated structure
  • Hinged, pull and slide, lift off and actuator lift access
  • Internal dress and infill panels ZF MDF with a Dacrylate seal, painted or conservation grade fabric wrapped
  • Passive and active climate control
  • LED conservation in-case lighting (dimmable options)
  • Shelving options to suit individual requirements
  • Range of integral custom designed display fixtures and fittings available
  • Compatible display drawer systems available
  • Wheeled undercarriage available with some display cabinet designs

Government Indemnity Scheme (GIS)

For more information on the scheme, visit the GIS website »

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Standard and bespoke GIS and high security cases can be designed and built to your display requirements. We also offer a high security display case hire, delivery and installation service.