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Display Cases for Museums, Heritage Centres and Art Galleries

About Presentation design, manufacture and install display cases that play a pivotal role in museums, heritage centres and art galleries, preserving and showcasing invaluable artifacts and historical treasures. These specialised enclosures can provide a secure and controlled environment, safeguarding delicate items from dust, light, and humidity while allowing visitors to admire them.

Whether housing ancient artifacts, rare artworks, or cultural relics, our display cases offer protection without compromising visibility. The materials used are Oddy tested and approved by the British Museum to enhance and protect the aesthetics of the exhibited items.

We offer display cases in a range of specifications; from medium security 6.4mm laminated glass to full Government Indemnity Scheme (GIS) showcases.

About Presentation - Christ's Hospital School, Horsham table display cabinets

Table & Small Cabinets

Table style and small display cabinets allow an intimate close-up view of small exhibits and flat documents and can be customised to the clients’ specific requirements.

About Presentation - RAF Defford Museum display cases

Tall & Wall Display Cases

Tall display cases are perfect for a number of different applications - exhibiting costumes, displaying larger objects or a range of artefacts on a shelving system.

About Presentation - National Records of Scotland GIS table cases

GIS & High Security Cases

Playing a vital role in safeguarding valuable artifacts, high security cases provide optimum protection and prevent unauthorised access, complying with stringent regulations.

About Presentation - Christ's Hospital School, Horsham table display cases

Display Case Hire

When long term storage of showcases is not possible, or only a temporary solution is required, hiring a museum grade display case is the perfect, cost-effective alternative.

About Presentation - Greek Mythology Exhibition acrylic display cases

Acrylic Display Cases

Perfect for displaying smaller artefacts or for temporary exhibitions, every acrylic display case we produce is custom designed to meet our clients exact wants and needs.

About Presentation - Christ's Hospital School, Horsham table display cases

Case Relocation Services

Vitrines can be extremely heavy and complicated to assemble or breakdown. Our team have the expertise and equipment to relocate your showcase if required.

About Presentation - Display Plnths

Plinths and Load Bearing Structures

Plinths can be designed around customer requirements or the artefacts needs. Additional structure can be included to allow for heavy objects or castors installed for easy movement.