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Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic display cases have become a popular choice for museums, heritage centres and art galleries due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. These transparent enclosures provide a safe and protective environment for valuable artifacts and delicate objects, while allowing visitors to appreciate them without physical contact.

Acrylic, known for its durability and impact resistance, offers excellent UV protection, preventing fading and damage from light exposure. Its optical clarity ensures optimal visibility, enhancing the viewer's experience. Additionally, acrylic display cases are lightweight and easy to handle, facilitating transportation and installation.

With their seamless design and customisable features, acrylic display cases are a more cost-effective alternative to glass. A 12mm thick acrylic top is not only lighter than glass, but it will also conform to Government Indemnity Scheme standards.

  • Custom designed to suit a range of specifications and budgets
  • 12mm thick clear acrylic conforming to GIS specification (other thickness options are available)
  • Lift off access
  • Security screw or high security lock options
  • A more cost effective and lighter weight alternative to bonded glass
  • UV Bonded with polished edges
  • ZF MDF base plinth with a Dacrylate seal (Other plinth options available)
  • Silicone compression seal to create a sealed display chamber
  • Options to include passive humidity control compartment
  • LED conservation lighting options (Dimmable if required)
  • Lockable access panel in base plinth for storage

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Perfect for displaying smaller artefacts or for temporary exhibitions, every acrylic display case we produce is custom designed to meet our clients exact wants and needs.