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Display Plinths and Load Bearing Structures for Cases and Artefacts

All our display plinths are manufactured using materials approved by the British Museum. Typical plinths are produced using standard or ZF MDF with a Dacrylate seal and painted using water-based paint and are available in custom sizes and designs.

Plinths can be designed around the customer's requirements or the artefacts needs. Additional structure can be included in the design to allow for heavy objects or castors can be utilised to allow for easy plinth relocation within the museum space.

We can also design and produce plinths using modular aluminium extrusions to create complicated shapes.

  • ZF MDF with a Dacrylate Seal
  • Modular Aluminium Construction
  • LED uplighting and illuminating options
  • Weight bearing
  • Castor options available
  • Compatible Rigid Beam or Flexible barrier systems

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