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Graphic Panels and Modular Walls for Museums, Heritage Centres and Galleries

Graphic panels serve to captivate storytellers in museums, heritage centres and galleries. Combining engaging visuals, informative text, and elegant design, they transport visitors through time and space. At About Presentation, we have the facility to design, produce, supply and install graphics for all applications.

Graphic panels can also be incorporated into our modular walling system, which is available for hire or purchase. The exhibition walling system comprises extruded aluminium upright poles and connecting cross beams and is completely modular, allowing for specific designs and layouts. The system holds a substrate within an aperture, which can be graphics, Rigid PVC, standard or ZF-MDF should you wish to mount 3D objects to the system. We can also include circular bases for additional stability when required.

From information about ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces, these panels artfully convey knowledge, inspire curiosity, and create immersive experiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for exhibitions about our cultural heritage.

  • Perfect for temporary or travelling exhibitions
  • Aluminium modular construction
  • Modular gallery walling
  • Support for AV equipment
  • Visitor guidance structures
  • Graphic support systems
  • Available for hire or purchase

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