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Information Stands for Museums, Heritage Centres and Galleries

Information stands in museums, heritage centres and galleries play a vital role in enriching visitors' experiences. These stands, strategically placed throughout the exhibits, offer concise yet insightful details about artifacts, artworks, and historical context.

Through engaging visuals and concise text, they educate and captivate visitors, fostering a deeper appreciation for the displayed treasures.

What is Datapoint?

Datapoint is a freestanding modular data display unit designed specifically to enable our heritage clients to present more detailed information, technical data or graphic illustrations than could effectively be displayed using traditional graphic panels. Being modular, Datapoint can be built in a wide range of styles and finishes to meet a variety of display and environmental requirements.

Traditional or contemporary design options can be easily and cost effectively achieved.

  • Standard design modular construction
  • Range of standard page sizes - A5, A4, A3
  • Custom design
  • Secure, quick-change spring bindings or graphic display
  • Compatible with our barrier systems
  • Freestanding or structurally mounted
  • Some systems suitable for external use

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