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Flat Acrylic Caption Displays for Museums, Heritage Centres and Galleries

Flat acrylic caption displays offer a sleek and contemporary solution for museums, heritage centres and galleries. With their crystal-clear transparency, they provide a captivating platform to showcase vital information, descriptions, and historical context. These displays blend seamlessly into any exhibition space, enhancing the visual appeal and ensuring an immersive visitor experience.

A powder coated folded steel tray with a 45 degree angle bracket on the back and an acrylic sleeve bonded into position enables you to print your own caption or graphic insert and change them in seconds.

  • A5 or A4 sizes
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • 400mm or 1000mm height options, or anything in between
  • Freestanding or fixed base options
  • Can be used in conjunction with our flexible and rigid beam barrier systems

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